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TripAdvisor’s ‘FlipKey’ features Bren as one of the Top 25 Culinary and Travel Blogs to follow in 2014. 3.25.14. Link.

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NPR Miami “The Cuban Kitchen” interview and feature on how Mother and daughter bonded through cooking with Cuban celeb chef Nitza Villapol. Radio and print story.  8.21.13. Link

latina logo  Bren Herrera is featured as the ‘Inspiring Latina of the Week’ in a 5 page article. 8.13.13. Link.

Screen shot 2011 05 23 at 8.05.38 PM 187x70 custom  Bloggers Talk Conference Tech Needs. Bren Herrera Featured Among Top Attendee Bloggers. 10/3/12.  Link.

Screen Shot 2012 07 10 at 2.39.47 PM Bren’s Pistachio caramel popcorn makes top 12 “Tricked Out Popcorns” to try as featured  in the Kitchen Daily food section. July, 2012. Link.

NBCLatinoPress1 Featured as one of NBC Latino’s Favorite Food Blogs. June, 2012. Link.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Interview with Bren Herrera after named “Top 20 Favorite Food Bloggers.” Dec. 2011. Link.

Screen shot 2011 10 04 at 9.49.26 AM  ”City Insiders” feature. Sept. 2011. Link.

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iVillage “Recipes From Our Favorite Latina Food Bloggers” Sept. 2011. Link.

cuisinenoir 246x59 custom  Featured “Nudie Foodie”, a Japan Tsunami Relief Charity Cookbook Project. August 2011. Link.

Screen shot 2011 07 23 at 9.36.04 PM  Winning finalist recipe for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter “Toast Off”, 9 Spice Rum Banana Stuffed French Toast with Mango Maple Syrup July, 2011


Screen shot 2011 07 23 at 9.53.11 PM  Featured as Lifestyle Blogger speaking on blogging tips. July, 2011. Link.

Screen shot 2011 07 23 at 9.53.11 PM1  Interview with video. “Bren Herrera Keeps It Sexy In the Kitchen!” July, 2011. Link.



Featured as host of Pink Stiletto Launch Party. June, 2011. Link.

jadorelogomed 224x42 custom  ”Dining Out: Culinary Fight Night Tonight in Atlanta!” — featured as  celebrity judge. May, 2011  Link.

Screen shot 2011 05 23 at 8.05.38 PM 187x70 custom Black Blogger Month Feature as 1 of 20 “IT” Bloggers. 5/17/11. Link.



Article about Kmart’s “Latina Smart” campaign I was hired to be a part of. 5/16/11. Link.

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Featured as a Latina “Taking Over the Cyberworld!” February, 2011. Link

Saveurlogo “Best of the Web” feature: Cuban  Chicken Sandwich Recipe. Summer  2010. Link

DDlogo 01 A nice and eloquent introduction as a contributing writer for Dean & DeLuca’s ‘Gourmet Blog.’ 6/6/10 Link

latina logo A feature introducing my new weekly food column on 5/4/10. Link

Artist First Radio: “The Social Diva Diaries” Show

Screenshot20100402at2.24.24PM Artist First Radio: The Social Diva Diaries ShowHour-long interview with hostess Ms. Melissa where we discuss the art of pressure-cooking, philanthropic efforts, cooking in stilettos, and a live demo of peach flan! 3/29/10. Link

DDlogo Spring Produce Recipe Winner: Sun-dried apricots and garlic stuffed morel mushrooms. 3/29/10 Link

BlogTalk Radio: The Sai Browne Show

Live radio interview with lifestyle host on the ins and outs of cooking, STIR IT 28, the culinary benefit for Haiti I hosted and my love for cooking with the pressure cooker and in heels! 3/22/10.  Link

AJC “Misadventures in the Atlanta” Column

AJCmisadventurespic AJC Misadventures in the Atlanta Column Featured in the daily dating column: “Heating Things Up” 3/26/10. Link

rollingoutlogo A surprise visit by Dwight Eubanks of “Housewives of Atlanta” comes out in support of my culinary fund-raiser for Haiti, STIR IT 28 on 2/21. Here he interviews Bren on camera on behalf of RO. 3/10/10 Watch at this Link

jadorelogomed “Bren Herrera: Personal Chef Goes ‘Commercial’.” Interview with the upscale & couture lifestyle  magazine, featuring my cooking style (cooking in heels, pressure cooking), the ICBINB commercial win on American Idol and upcoming projects. 3/3/10 Link.

myfoxatlanta 01 I demo spicy albacore cakes with a lemon & garlic aoili and some POM Wonderful drinks and salads. And, talk about the “ICBINB” commercial win on American Idol. 1/26/10. Link

rollingoutlogo “Chef Bren Herrera Shines in ‘American Idol’ Spotlight.” 1/25/10 Link


My hometown surprised me by mentioning my “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” Turn the Tub Around winning commercial which aired during American Idol.  1/13/10 Link

mundohispanicologo “Recipe for Sucess”: Feature on female chefs making a living off cooking. 12/17/09 Link

pom logo


Featured Recipe of the Day: Pomegranate & Grand Marnier flan. 11/28/2009 Link

Atlanta Journal Constitution

ajc Atlanta Journal Constitution


Share Our Strength’s Operation Frontline and The Georgia Coalition for Physical Activity and Nutrition open house. I’m mentioned as featured spokesperson for media kick-off. 10/27/09 Link



Full length feature discussing my passion for food, travel and writing! Great interview. 9/28/09 Link


“Sexy in the City”: featured as a personality chef alongside the new S series Mini Cooper! 7/31/09 Link

Comcast Radio Show

talkingwithtami Comcast Radio ShowInterview: “Get to Know Bren Herrera in 5 Questions.” 6/26/09 Link

Atlanta Latino Magazine

contactoatl Atlanta Latino MagazineSpanish feature : “Bren Herrera, A Cuban Gal With Lots of Sazón!” 6/25/09 Link

daytime Live cooking demo on nationally syndcitated show. Dish: lemon almond flan in pressure cooker. Link

examiner Featured Website of the Week in the D.C. Dining edition.  3/10/09 Link

Atlanta Journal Constitution

eveningedge Atlanta Journal Constitution FlaNboyant Eats gets mentioned in the Atlanta Journal Constitution as a local food blogger “worth checking out.”


examiner “The Gift of Cooking Lessons.” An article from the D.C. edition of  12/24/08 Link

cbs46 Cooking and celebrating Labor Day, Latin Style. I prepare mango salmon burgers, orzo and zucchini salad and mojitos for the morning show!


logohome Daily Candy highlights my cooking and salsa lessons! 8/13/08 Link

theatlantavoice Writer Adrienne Leon talks to me about my food background & style, my passion for cooking & entertaining. We also talked about cooking pork with Emeril! Link

The Washington Post – A Mighty Appetite Column

washingtonpost thumb 322x322 The Washington Post   A Mighty Appetite Column

Interview with Kim O’Donnel about Emeril Green appearance.


“Clutch” Magazine

clutch interview image 387x322 Clutch Magazine In-depth feature on being multi-facted and diversifying your portfolio. Link

latin cuisine Feature about my blog and hot Latin cuisine, including Emeril Green appearance. Link

Sandy Springs 1620am Radio

radiosandysprings Sandy Springs 1620am Radio An hour long radio interview discussing Flanboyant Eats and beginnings in food. Feb. 2008. Link

myfoxatlanta Featured chef on New Year’s Day live cooking segment on Caribbean and Soul food to kick of the year. 1/1/08