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Hunger Lives No More!

Onecomment.OneeatsBanner Hunger Lives No More!

One Comment. One Eats.

Over the last year, I’ve become more and more passionate about the lack of food and the devastating number of people dying of starvation, worldwide. With the abundance of food and natural resources that 1st world countries have, how come others suffer? Why aren’t we as a world doing something more to see the obliteration of hunger? Why are children dying every day?

It’s painful to see babies, children and adults suffer from malnutrition, or make mud pies to merely survive, as they do in Haiti.

In Cuba, where I come from, food is still rationed. Can you imagine the government issuing you a 3×5 booklet telling you what you can eat on a monthly basis? The notion is unfathomable to me, but it is reality for the island nation. The situation in some parts of Africa, is worse. And in Latin America. And China. And some parts of the East. And in Europe.

hungryhands Hunger Lives No More!

But, we don’t need to go far to witness this pandemic. Go to your inner cities and just watch. I see entirely too much hunger in Washington, our nation’s capital! There are families that appear to be doing well and eating hearty meals, but in truth are struggling to eat just 1 meal a day. Food banks nationwide are support and charitable organizations that selflessly give to the needy.

hungrychildren2 Hunger Lives No More!  Hunger Lives No More!

One poignant scenario that still resonates: I was sitting at the world headquarters of CNN, some time last year, the home of the leading news network. In this billion dollar building, you see wealth in all forms: restaurants, educated people, retail stores, state of the arts arena, studios, global exchange of information and resources. Yet, as I sat in the food court, watching news feeds from all over the world, I saw a man, raggedly clad, asking a woman and her 3 children for her soda. She looks baffled and irritated and pulled out a $5 bill and sends him on his way. He pockets the money and goes back to his seat. When the mother and children left, he discretely attacked the leftovers on their table. This, at CNN.

Millions of people go through this every day.

So, I want to do something to make a difference. I eat every day. I eat well every day.  You probably eat very well everyday,  too. I pray for those less fortunate, too. But actions speak louder than words. To that end, I have launched One Comment. One Eats. and I want your help! For every comment left on the 1st post of each month, I will donate one food item to one or more needy families or food bank. I will begin in Atlanta and our nation’s capital.  With your help and support, I will hopefully and very soon be able to expand to your city! I am working with some sponsors, as my own monetary resources are limited. But, I am committed to doing something!

This is simple. One comment. One eats.

haitiangirl Hunger Lives No More!

How It Works:

* I will post a recipe or story sometime in the beginning of each month. That post will be the most important one. Content will be consistent with other posts on this blog. Only, it has special purpose.

* You leave a comment. One comment per reader will be counted.

* For every comment left on that post between the day I publish and the 15th of the month, I will donate one item to one or more needy families or food bank in Atlanta and Washington, DC. Families will be selected based on their registration with a local food bank or charity organization. There is no way for me to personally know of families in need, unless they have told me. I find this to be the most fair and effective way. Assuming there will be hundreds of comments left, I will divide the items among several families, with each family receiving at least 30 items.

*  Donations will be delivered on or about the 30th of the month.

* A report of families or food banks, with pictures of the families (if possible), will be published via Facebook or Twitter (and possibly within the corresponding post) after the 15th and before the 1st of the subsequent month.

* “I Gave” badges will be given to each person leaving a comment, to happily display on their blog. Feel free to link the badge to this page so your readers will know about One Comment. One Eats.

* As the campaign grows and more people support the cause, I will work on expanding nationwide. If you are interested in me doing this in your city, please send me an email! I will constantly be on the lookout for national Sponsors that can support and donate, too.

There is something we can all do. Even it’s just sitting at your computer and writing a short note. Do it. I challenge you to tell your friends, family, colleagues, foodie friend and other bloggers! Twitter the post. Facebook the post. Stumble the post. Tumble the post.

We will kill hunger, one comment at a time!

Thanks for the support!

signature Hunger Lives No More!