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Thanks so much for visiting the site! It’s exciting to know I have readers out there. Let me just share with you a few rules of eating MY flan, if I may.

All content on the site is my property, exclusively and may not be copied or reproduced or distributed, unless you’ve kindly asked me for permission. It’s my intellectual property. It’s the nice thing to do. Of course, recipes are yours to try, meaning feel free to print and share with others, even on your site or blog. However, if you are going to reference any one of them in your own writing, blog, etc…, please be kind and courteous enough to give me credit and link back to my site or original post. And, please don’t change the name if you’re going to use. It’s the grown up thing to do. I love to write, in addition to it being what I do professionally, so I take it seriously and pretty personally. As for the pictures, these are mine too. If any picture was taken by my dear friend Dave, he’s sweet enough to have given me copyright–becoming mine, ultimately. If you’re going to use any of the pics, again, please give me credit and link back to my homepage or respective post. Keeping the name as I titled the picture is very appropriate as well.

Please do yourself the favor of not using any material, including text, pictures, recipes and anything else on my site for commercial purposes or anything that is going to make you money. I’m not making money from it, ergo nor should you. It’d be tacky, anyway.

And lastly, please don’t jack or steal mine and Joey’s design. He worked really, really hard to give me what I wanted with little guidance from me. I take my style seriously too. It’s who I am. If you have any questions about our layout or design, feel free to contact me.

Until I decide to be governed by the Collective Creative dot dot dot agreement, I reserve all right and will change this legal stuff at my discretion. Please abide.