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Since I’m Not Doing Any Shopping, I’m Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

dsc 0568 Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

(photo used by Wikipedia  shots)

It’s Christmas Eve and I really want to be ice-skating right now.  I’m in DC with the familia, I’ve done NO shopping; NOT going to do any shopping, been eating like a gluton, looking for new Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. pumps, missing a certain someone, considering chopping off all my hair and making plans to go to NYC on Friday.

Thus little time to sit down and write.

But I miss you all. icon sad Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas! I haven’t even had much time to come to your place. Please accept my apology.

Not to mention the 2 hour gym sessions that have been kicking my behind. I’ve committed myself to these crazy workouts because of the obsessive manner in which I eat. Plus I want Beyonce’s ass. If I’m not doing a private in-home cooking lesson/dinner, then I’m eating out doing a resto review; and those dinners are sinful with EVERYTHING being available for me to order!

And if not eating out or cooking my specialties for splunk drunk clients, then I’m at home making things that are sexy, delish and hipspreading. LIKE CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO DRINKS! Yes Lord, I’ve have an addiction to chocolate since I was in my mom’s womb and espresso since my college days. It’s bad I tell ya. But this year I took it to another level when evil Starbux started offering their mint chocolate espresso latte. I did the anti and ordered this drink for 3 days straight. Then it occurred to me there was no reason why I should give them $4.37 every time I want to satiate a desire.

I went home and pulled out my own goodies.

Bustelo espresso (waaaaay better than their burnt crap), 2% milk (Mayfield brand is really good), Florida raw sugar cane and Chalmer’s mint chocolate ganache!

Topped with a few cocoa shavings from the ball I brought back from Trinidad, and I’m in heaven!

No more trips to Starbucks to order that latte. I now make mine at home thanks to that Chalm

er’s ganache! Have you ever even heard of it? Well last year, during my CreativeCause charity event, the decadent chocolatier sent me a box of 100 jars to give away in my VIP goody bags! I had 8 left over all of which made it straight to my pantry! It’s the sexiest, smoothest and calorie free chocolate you’ve ever had! I put it in my coffee, lace my vanilla ice cream with it, whisk it in my flan mixture, and my sis has recently made mini cupcakes out of it!


So without further adieu, I announce I’m hosting a give away of my must haves in my kitchen! My mother has always taught us to be grateful and generous. Often time visitors will leave our house with something in their hand! Naturally, I like to give things away, too! And because I’m honestly not doing any shopping this year I had to get my gift fix somehow. Christmas has totally lost its true meaning and I refuse to indulge the consumerism ploys. Plus I just really like you guys! Here are a few thingys that I can’t live without on a just about daily basis! They make my life better and I know you’ll your life will be enhanced!

So here we go!I’m giving away 2 large glass jars of Chalmer’s LUXE dark chocolate ganache (8.25 oz) and 2 small jars of the orgasmic ULTRA mint ganache! These will go to 4 different readers! Leave a comment and tell me your fave way to have chocolate!

chalmerschocolate8oz Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas! chalmersmintchocolate8oz Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

That’s just one fave thingy of mine as of late. And you can pick one for their 3 flavors in select Whole Foods Markets! For you Atlians, check out any one of our WF for the goodness! Or you can visit their site here.

Tho nothing new in my world, I figured I’d have to give you some espresso in order to make that killer latte! I drink Bustelo every single day! About 8 shots to be exact, sometimes more. I need caffeine intervention. But I just can’t function without it! I blame no one but mami for this shameful addiction. Hers is worse than mine. She doesn’t leave the house without her overflowing thermos. I’m not that bad, but I do have to have my fix before I even get on the computer!

cafe bustelo.thumbnail Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

One of you will get 2 jars of Bustelo fine quality espresso. It’s the best stuff in the world! Your comment should tell me your favorite coffee brand!

I’m not so much a cookbook collector, but that changed for me this year, quite exponentially. I’ve been slammed with doing cookbook reviews this year and I’ve loooved it! I’ve received some of the coolest books! Amy over at We’re Never Full won the CIA’s French Bistro book earlier this year! This time, I’m giving away THE one and only CIA COOKBOOK. This is the book of all books in the culinary realm. Talk about learning new things you never knew existed. Just perusing through the book will have you massaging your fingers from so much flippin’! It’s 400 pages and full of trickery!

ciacookbook Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

I’ve made a few dishes from it and I’ll say it’s worth all of the $40! So…. to ONE commentator that leaves a comment suggesting a cool cookbook, you’ll receive my 3lb. brand new extra copy!

It would totally be unbecoming if I didn’t offer up a toy that relates to my blogs namesake! So I make flan about 3 times a week! I have 20 different flavors and with that comes the need of having lots and lots and lots of flaneras, or flan pans. This little aluminum utensil is crucial to making the perfect flan. It’s hassle free, makes a perfect shape and keeps the flan in great form while its chilling. Another thing I must have in my kitchen. You can find them on amazon for about $10 but you can one here for free! Leave a comment telling me a flavor you’d be interested in me making and you’ll be entered!

flanmold Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

AND THEN THERE IS THIS dot dot dot dot,

Most of you know my life is not complete without my pressure cookers! I do most of my cooking in them! My beans, steaks, custards, stews, and a rack of other culinary infatuations! Do I need to say more?! I have 6 pressure cookers: 5 vintage and one new modern. I cook with them at my monthly cooking classes in Atlanta, I trek with them every time I do an in-home event, and I guard them with my life. I mean, come on, they save me more than 50% of my precious time! Who wouldn’t want one of these bad mama’s!?!?

I’m giving ONE very lucky and dedicated reader, one brand new 4qt. PRESTO pressure cooker!! Stop the press! I’m so serious. I figured it was time to bless one of you with a gadget you’ll never regret owning. You’re cooking practices will change, I promise! I’ve convinced a few bloggers to go out and get one, including my friend Don over at Mr. Orph’s Kitchen. Don, can you tell my readers how awesome your experience has been!?!?

prestopressurecooker Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

This one requires a bit more work tho. You must leave a comment in this post telling me anything pressure cooking even if you know nothing, tell a foodie friend about it by leaving a comment with a link back to this post on their blog and then come back and leave a 2nd comment saying “pressure cooking done”! Yeah it’s a bit more work but it’s more than worth it! I’ll even include 2 Cuban recipes that I make in the pressure cooker but have not posted on the blog! You can’t beat this for sure! (winner pays for shipping on this one)

Winners will be chosen through a random number generator. I will divide comments into the 5 different categories so that people leaving comments for only one giveaway, will all have a fair chance, and so on! Of course you can enter for each gift, but you must leave a comment for each gift saying the required statement, ie, if you want to be considered for all 5 you have to leave 5 comments! icon smile Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

(Grunts and sighs and rolling eyes must stop right now! LOL!)

**Winners will be announced on January 1st! Chop Chop!!!**

Because on January 1st, I will have been blogging for one year I am excited to share these goodies with you. I’ve made some incredibly awesome friends, done some wonderful reading and have learned quite a bit about beautiful cultures around the world. I’m simply here in blogosphere to see what the globe has to offer vis a vis talented men and women that take the time to share a bit of their life with the rest of us.

Thank you.

I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or whatever holiday you are celebrating this year! Thanks for inviting me onto your screen and coming over to FlaNboyant Eats over the last 12 months. It’s been one of the best things that’s happened to me yet!

PS: looking for Adam… I need your addy. I owe you something that is so overdue, it’s sad, really! icon smile Since Im Not Doing Any Shopping, Im Giving 5 Major Fave Things Away This Christmas!

Looking forward to seeing all comments!


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FELIZ NAVIDAD and I’ll see you next week!!!

By Bren
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    Eva W says:

    The chocolate ganache looks really good. I do love chocolate.

    Eva W says:

    I also collect cookbooks. Someday I plan on making something for each one. That should take be acouple of years.

    Rosa says:

    I’d love one of those flan molds. Here, you’d never find such items…



    chefb says:

    Rosa: we need to change that! Amazon has them, but I could always send you one! I have over 15 and have easy access to them… I need to start manufacturing my own, actually!

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