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Lemon Infused Homemade Whipped Cream

lemonzestwhippedcream1 Lemon Infused Homemade Whipped Cream

*Editorial Note 5/26/10: There is seeming confusion as to what this is. This is a lemon infused whipped cream, and not meringue. I simply used that sweet dessert to exemplify a whisking/beating technique used used to peak certain foods. I hope you still enjoy the recipe for the whipped cream!

One of my most fun and delicate things to make at home is meringue. Mami taught me at an early age how to take eggs and tons of sugar and just beat it with a fork, until it was firm enough to eat right from the bowl. She taught me the perfect motion and timing of it so that it wouldn’t break. Ultimately, el merengue was intended to be lightly toasted over open fire, but it was  just too good to even last long enough for me to make it to the stove.

When it did, it was heavenly.

Kind of like roasting marsh mellows when enjoying tent camping.

Her keen ability at teaching me cooking technique (til this day) has taken me a long way in my culinary growth and evolution. Reiterating the importance of not interrupting my beating motion has made some wonderful creams and icings.

Since, then, I’ve never really had the need for a mixer. Anything that requires mixing or beating, has always been done with the strength of my hand.  And no, it’s not because P90x has given me nicely toned forearms. I just believe in the natural strength I’ve been given. You have it, too!

Well, my friends, that changed a couple of weeks ago while making whipped cream to eat with left over strawberries; and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’ve been fortunate to never break any form of creams, etc… Even when I make plain whipped cream. But I’ll be damned if this time, the one time I decide to get all sassy, my hands couldn’t take it.

w Lemon Infused Homemade Whipped Cream

However, and to my credit, I think I know why. I didn’t have enough whipping cream and so the ratio to sugar and vanilla extract was off. I thought I could get away with adding evaporated milk.

Yeah, not so much! At that point, I had been beating for about 5 minutes, y nada. *Eye Roll*. So, I put my bowl down, (yes I covered it and put it in the fridge) and quickly took a drive to the farmer’s market next door to buy more heavy whipping cream.

Determined not to eat those berries in a milkshake, I continued beating with my hand, though not getting any closer to my desired consistency.  Time to break out the Kitchen Aid. Ugh. I love that thing, I swear I do, but I hate being defeated. I felt like a young Adam Sandler at the beginning of the movie Anger Management.

Just humiliated and shameful.

But, I was redeemed. I added more sugar, more cream, a great amount of lemon zest (because I’m just addicted to adding lemon zest to everything these days) and let the mixer do it’s thing. It took 5 more minutes (while I just shook my head in disdain), but it was done and I was closer to licking the attachment clean.

lemonzestcreamcollage Lemon Infused Homemade Whipped Creamlemonzestwhippingmotion Lemon Infused Homemade Whipped Cream

What I learned from this 1st time experience of having to make whipped cream in the mixer, is that I didn’t go with my instinct in knowing the simplest thing: I didn’t have enough whipping cream to begin with.

Ergo, laziness gets you no where, fast…

So, see. After all, it wasn’t an issue of my lack of beating strength! It was all about the imbalance of ingredients–something we should all know is a key ingredient to making any dish work (and the duly noted laziness).

As for the lemon zest infused cream, I’ll tell you it’s perfect and worth making all Spring and Summer long. It’s silky smooth, has a great tangy twist and compliments all the nice fruit arrangements you’ll have on your soirée menus.

You simply can’t go wrong with it.

Just don’t be defeated. Put that arm to work!

lemonzestwhippedcream Lemon Infused Homemade Whipped Cream



  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 4 tbsp. white sugar
  • zest from 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


In a glass or metal mixing bowl, add whipping cream, lemon zest and vanilla extract. Start whisking in sugar until the cream reaches a stiff peak, (about 222 beats per minute!). Store in tight container for up to 10-12 hours. I’ve kept mine 2 or so days and simply rewhisked for about 10-15 seconds to reconstitute.

By Bren
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    carmen says:

    hija eso se ve mas rico que el merenge que yo hacia cuando vengas me lo haces tu sabes que me gusta mucho felicidades mami

    Simone says:

    I want some merengue toasted!! lol its the best, great stuff like always. Moni

    norma says:

    Merengue…que rico!

    chefb says:

    Mujeres, esto no es merengue! Es whipped cream. Hucé el ejemplo de merengue para decir que’s algo que me gusta hacer (y parecido en tecnica) :) :)

    Chris says:

    Girl…, Kitchen Aid is your friend! ;) And Lemon? The ultimate spring/summer addition to everything. Love it! I think that’s why I loved the semi freddo so much when I was at the restaurant.

    Next time you make whipped cream…call a girl up! :)

    Rosa says:

    That is a great idea!



    tami says:

    That looks soo yummy need those for my tummy lol

    Jonathan says:

    That looks like it would go great over a dessert liqour. HMMM or maybe on top of a real nice cheesecake.. OR even to go on the end of a piece of Flan to make it look like an exclamation point!

    priscilla says:

    wow!! Bren i tried his with my kids last night and WE all loved it and enjoyed it very much.. i love the ZEST TASTE it has.. DELICIOUS HONEY.. WHAT ELSE could i do with this? any other great sweet ideas =)

    Love much P

    chefb says:

    Chris: Oh, I know it is! It’s just a drag taking it out and putting it away every time I need it! I’ll make sure to make you a batch real soon! I owe you anyway!

    Rosa: Yup, sure is; and super tasty, too!

    Tami: And soooo refreshing!

    Jonathan: yes it would, bro! You know it.. try it and let me know how it worked out for you. A has made it once or twice for me! :)

    Prissi: oh so glad you made it with los niños! The zest definitely gives it a great boost. You could put this on top of ice cream, pies, plain cakes, sorbet, flan, as Jonathan above notes—lots options! Best of all, just dip your fingers into the bowl!

    momgateway says:

    I never get tired of meringue and lemon is a refreshing twist…lovely!

    Doing it by hand will happen if there’s just a bit of cream. If you’re beating a good 4 cups of cream for a big cake…bring out that KitchenAid! :) We make fresh whipped cream all the time. Addictive!

    Beautiful and sounds lovely with lemony flavor!

    AJ says:

    Glad it worked out. I hear you on doing it by hand, Bren! It’s how I do the cookie dough. There’s a feeling you get and know that what you’re making is done. You can’t get that with a mixer.

    Stylistocrat says:

    B, this looks REALLY good!!!!!!!! When R U gonna make it again?

    Miesha says:

    i so love lemon! trying it this summer. :o )

    SweetPea says:

    I just made this to go with a simple fruit salad that I will be taking tonight for a dinner in with my friends. I have to say it tastes so light and love the summery lemon! Thanks!

    Jennifurla says:

    What a beautiful site you have, I look forward to reading more. This looks wonderful.

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