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#FlanFridays: Bruja Oregano?

PinExt #FlanFridays: Bruja Oregano?

InstagramYoungOreganosm #FlanFridays: Bruja Oregano?

It’s #FLANFRIDAYS  but there won’t be a flan picture or recipe today.

Not because I didn’t want to or didn’t have time to. Rather, because my brain has been so racked up with holiday and Christmas planning that I’ve not had time to generously spend time coming up with something fabulous for the temporada.

I did make an eggnog flan for a faithful customer earlier in the week, whose response to her liking via text message totally tickled me Wednesday morning:

“OMG, B,  the flan was out of control!! Are you around for the holidays? I want to order more for Christmas.”

Well, yeah, of course. I’ll stay in Atlanta a bit longer to satisfy a quenching desire to bite into another custard of mine.

That still doesn’t explain not having a new flan for today, but it has been on my mind. I’ve been perusing my kitchen, looking at everything stashed up in my overflowing cupboards and pantry, imagining what my next design will be.

I get caught up in the proper placement of things and always refer to that source for inspiration. I stepped outside that pattern this morning and I gave flan 5 more minutes of my time. I went into my office and made contact with my new oregano plant.

It was sitting there, as perfect as it could be, trying to grow.

I talked about this particular oregano, called bruja or witch, sometime last year and even offered to give some away but no one played, so the plant has been steadily growing at mami’s house ever since papi brought a single stem from the National Botanical Garden. And now, I have a double stem newly planted by papi while I was at home for Thanksgiving… just for me to nurture and watch grow in my office.

Herbgardenbasil3 #FlanFridays: Bruja Oregano?

Oregano in parents garden

I’ve only had it 10 days so it’s not full or tall. But, it does emit an impressive aroma that perfumes my office space. It has super thick leaves, is really fuzzy and more potent than the Mexican or “American” oregano you find in markets. The leaves are huge. And, I’m anxious for it to grow as fluffy and robust as the 3 huge pots my parents have.

I’ve used it in a pressure cooked pot of beans to much satisfaction, so I’m wondering… hmmm, how would this fabulous leaf do in a custard?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve used mint, rosemary and basil. But never oregano. In fact, it’s never even occurred to me. As much as we use it in our cuisine, there’s not reason for it not to have a place in desserts, too.  I suspect that playing around with it, perhaps dried and candied or roasted and jellied, could yield a phenomenal taste.

¿Quien sabe? I’ll just have to try and see, won’t I!

In hopes of it being all that I think it could be, I’ll reserve posting about this oregano flan for when it’s perfected. In the meantime, what do you think?

Could it work? What would you do to it to make it fuse well with an egg custard?

Do tell and until next Friday, stay sexy, be inspired and cook it up! Stay calm and eat.

No, flan per say, but Happy #FLANFRIDAYS!

PinExt #FlanFridays: Bruja Oregano?
By Bren
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    Missy says:

    titi i know this plant. it’s in mama’s house and it does smell so yummy. i didnt no you use for cooking.

    perudelights says:

    I think it would be a great idea! Keep us updated, please. My mother has this oregano in her garden and I thought it was Nicaraguan oregano, but in the Amazon jungle we have plenty of this “herb” under the name of sacha-oregano… I´ll be waiting for the flan recipe.

    Mighty Healthy says:

    If you do choose to make a flan with oregano I can bet it’ll be GOOD. You need to have people chime in on what their favorite flan is since you have so many flavors. Maybe you can create a top ten list. That would be cool.

    Muy Bueno Cookbook says:

    I like the idea of using this aromatic oregano for one of your flans…just a thought but how about infusing the milk with it before you bake it. Then your idea of making a jam or jelly with it to top it off might work?? Can’t wait to see what your creative mind comes up with.

    Rosa says:

    That is a unique flavor… Surely magic.



    chefb says:

    Missy: si mama… we use it for cooking all that yummy stuff like carnes and frijoles! and more of course! glad you smell it!

    PeruDelights: I will! I already have in mind what I’m going to make. A conversation with a baker inspired the forthcoming creation! Going to be crazy!

    Mighty Healthy: Yes it will be. Come back and check it out!

    Muy Bueno Cookbook: That sounds like a plan and similar to what I have in mind. Stay tuned for next week!

    Rosa: Yes ma’am! I love the smell of this particular variety. It’ soooo strong! Notice how thick the leaves are!

    Liza Cardona says:

    My grandma like to add this oregano to her “sofrito”. I heard some people like to oregano brujo as a bronchodilator.

    I think it would be a very intriguing combination…now I am excited to see how it comes out :)
    Hope you are enjoying the Season and sorry about your ankle, hope it’s better soon

    vianney says:

    I really like the idea of infusing the milk..cannot wait ot see the outcome!

    vianney says:

    I like the idea of infusing the milk, cannot wait to see what you come up with..

    David says:

    Uhh, Bren, you know I really love, admire and am proud of your ingenuity, inventiveness, creativeness, what have you, when it comes to flans, but … oregano-flavored flan!!!?? I dunno… Still, I will not prejudge and wait for you to actually make (bake?) this concoction. Someone said “intriguing,” yeah, to say the least, and Missy said it smells yummy, which is true!! Anyway, waiting for an oregano-flavored flan, like … “Waiting for Snow in Havana” :)

    chefb says:

    Liz: well we def. add oregano to our sofrito as well. a staple in it!

    Magic of Spice: I’m excited, too. I’ve done some research and have been inspired to make this flan! You just wait and see! So excited.

    Vianney: Yes! Stay tuned

    David: Don’t knock it til you try it. Though I do love your final thought on this “concoction”: “Waiting for Snow in Havana” CLASSIC!

    Dullah says:

    Although it’s a very unusual flavor for flan I think you can turn it into to something great. I can’t wait to see the results! Stay innovative and fly. I always LOVE what you do!!!

    Yaime says:

    prima, que rico se ve el oregano ese… y si creeo que un flan hecho con el seria riquisimo! me dejas saber como te quedo.

    Nicky says:

    this is such a unique flavour that only a flan queen would be able to cook it up!

    chefb says:

    Dullah: I know I can! I’ve not done it yet, but will play with it this week. Will be the 1st flan of 2012!

    Yaime: si verdad… el olor es lo que me tiene a mi loca… que sabrosura!

    Nicky: yes indeed! stay tuned for how it goes!

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