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5 Christmas & Holiday Drinks With a Latin Twist {LATINA Column & Recipe}

Collageofdrinks 5 Christmas & Holiday Drinks With a Latin Twist {LATINA Column & Recipe}

This week has been insanely busy with all kinds of delicious assignments. For starters, I’ve been tasting different local and national artisan goodies for my gift guide. I have one more to do which involved a lot of oohing and ahhing at the selections I was able to hand-pick. And then there were the mini chocolate fudge cakes with peppermint icing I started the week with. Those little munchkins are entirely too cute and even better to bite into. Have you seen them!? Better yet, I urge you to make them. I swear to goodness you’ll add them to your annual repertoire of baked goods to make.

To top it all off, my editor at LATINA asked me to come up with 5 Latin style cocktails that were easy enough to make during the Holidays! What? A cocktail assignment? Say.No.More.


Hornitos Tequila got hip to my assignment and quickly sent me some wonderful variations to work with. That made my work even easier. Well, tastier actually. I’m not a tequila girl at all, but playing around with them was entertaining.

I came up with a few creamy drinks, some adapted from references I liked, like my sweet friend  Fuji Mama’s spiced apple cider. I took her recipe and doctored it up  a bit. I did my highly talked about mint chocolate ganache espresso (a Facebook conversation that’s lasted well over one year). And then new ones I was inspired to create.

You know, when it’s midnight and there are inventive things to create that involve alcohol, all reasoning and logic becomes a bit blurry, hence anything goes! I stayed as composed as I could, sipping along the way and writing notes!

These are 5 fabulous and really delicious libations to enjoy this season. Here’s one recipe, inspired in part by my basic flan recipe, so you know it’s silky smooth and creamy!

For the others, mosey on over to my column in LATINA and enjoy!

WHITE MILKY WAY (pictured above on right)


  • 2 tbsp. sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tbsp. milk
  • 2 oz. Hornitos plata tequila
  • ground cinnamon to dust on top


Add all ingredients to martini shaker. Add ice and shake well. Strain into chilled martini glass.

Serves 1.
By Bren
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