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Keeping It Sexy In The Kitchen w/Rolling Out Magazine 7.9.11

Rolling Out Magazine catches up with Bren in L.A. and talks about how women can keep it sexy in the kitchen!

By Bren
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    Rosa says:

    Great tips!

    I rarely dress sexy when I’m cooking, unless I have guests. I feel a lot more comfortable when I wear my house clothes. And I doubt my neighbors would love to hear me walking up and down the kitchen with noisy high heels… ;-P



    bellini says:

    A set of good knives is a perfect tip, cooking in heels would have me towering over my guests at 5’9″but would attract some one on one:D

    Got to have sexy knives :)

    Michele R. says:

    great stuff B. Why is the video so yellow though!! And let’s get you a wardrobe assistant so that your bra straps aren’t showing next time you’re asked to be interviewed on the spot! love it!

    perudelights says:

    Good knives are a must in the kitchen. High heels… sometimes. Just be careful. You are great. Good job.
    Michele R, maybe this video looks yellow because of the lights.

    Ha! If I tried to cook in high heels I would trip and fall into my cake. Fun tips.

    Great tips! Though I’ll just have to keep it sexy in my chanclas ;)

    Es super importante vestirse sexy cuando se tiene pensado una cena romántica y si la puedes preparar en tacos mucho mejor, jajaja!

    F. Emeril says:

    Im a man.

    I took Brens advice and were heels in the kitchen.

    Damn my food tastes good.

    I feel and slammed my head on a pot roast and my dogs were all about my business. Yep I got attention gurlfreen. *snaps paw*

    F. Emeril says:

    I also work with chainsaws. I dont use the word sexy around the crew but it is very true that its critical that tools be sharp. If an accident happens, and you cut your finger….its much better to have a clean cut than a nasty old meatloaf on your hands.

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